The acquisition of a new apartment

The acquisition of a new apartment or house has both functional and economic advantages. More informations : When you buy a new property, you opt for optimised living spaces, well-equipped apartments: large terraces, private car parks, equipped cupboards, large openings… In addition, the new house offers you the guarantee of new aesthetics, safety and convenience: accessibility to the protected house (videophone, 5 or 3 storey landing doors), incredible green spaces, buildings with modern architecture. In addition, the purchase of a new apartment allows you to benefit from reduced fees of only about 3% of the total purchase. The French authorities, wishing to encourage home ownership, have set up the zero-interest fortified loan scheme.

A rental real estate investment

A rental property investment consists in buying a property for rent, in order to build a richer heritage and earn additional income. Under certain tax-exempt conditions, such as the Pinel strategy in France, real estate leasing also makes it possible to reduce taxes. The house can be new or old. It can be an apartment for sale Cannes, a house, but also a basement, a car park, a commercial space or a building weighing several tons. The purchased property can be empty (then rented) or marketed with the tenant, which offers immediate visibility on its own level of leasing. As a general rule, the purchase price of this property is invoiced and the rents collected make it possible to refund a portion of the monthly premiums.

The choice of your house

Do not involve your impact in the selection of your premises. Indeed, it will not be your main residence and too many emotions could force you to lose sight of your main objective: the search for an enriching investment. Choosing your home unloaded with effect, you will increase your chances that the home will please others and find it easier to find a buyer… The home must be commendable! Don’t forget your objective: don’t buy in a crisis zone under the pretext of attractive prices! Go on site before buying, to find out the location of this house and the surrounding amenities!

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