What is a Bbc house ?

BBC, means Low Energy House, so a BBC house is a house that is designed to have a reduced primary energy consumption. More information : https://www.estatenetfrance.com/. The main energy is any type of environmental energy that does not require any transformation before use: hydroelectric, solar and wind energy are resources of this key energy. But there are many principles to follow when a house must be certified low energy.

Foundation of BBC homes

The regulation of electricity consumption is certainly the foundation of BBC homes, but to achieve this, several factors and principles must be taken into account. The very first step is to research the location of the new houses, then confirm the plans with organizations such as Promotelec or Certivea accredited by the BBC, in addition to other steps that will take place after the work is completed. For construction, it is necessary to orient your house correctly to be able to enjoy solar energy, a fantastic way to reduce heating needs. Waterproofing their walls and also their hands to obtain an ideal thermal and acoustic insulation of the house. On the internet you will find all the property for sale to BBC standards. The company of the internal spaces of this building can also be one of the principles to be followed; ventilation must not be neglected to ensure a decent air quality.

Several advantages

Several advantages are granted to owners of a house called BBC or Low Energy Building. As this type of housing consumes little electricity, the public authorities encourage their development by granting a tax charge. In the event of a sale, it is easier to obtain a fantastic price for a house with minimal consumption than the traditional one. With the cost of energy rising, this is a very good score among buyers. As there is no longer any rehabilitation regarding energy performance, it is easier to maintain a high price.

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